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Located in downtown Grenoble, Gallia hotel has a prime location. A high technology city but also an academical center, Grenoble lies at the crossroads of three mountain massifs: the Belledonne, Vercors and Chartreuse.

Grenoble is a city of art and history. On a journey of discovery, stroll through the medieval streets of the capital of the Alps and discover historic sites and bustling streets.

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It’s not difficult to find the restaurants in Grenoble. Whether traditional or typical, they will surprise you and you will discover the different specialties of the region.

These include the walnuts, the Chartreuse to enjoy pure or in cocktails with its kept secret jealously by the Carthusian monks for centuries.

Equally typical, let yourself be tempted by the mild pasteurized natural rind cow's milk blue cheese of Vercors-Sassenage, very authentic, but also the ravioli of Royans, the specialty of Dauphiné or the Murçon (a sausage to cook) of the Matheysine region.

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During the summer but also throughout the year, Grenoble is the scene of many artistic performances.

Cinemas, street performances, theatrical walks ... the program is large and constantly renewed for the pleasure of adults as well as children.

Enjoy your stay easily with the Gallia Hotel, located in downtown Grenoble.

Discover the colorful program for the coming days:

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Grenoble is primarily a sports town where the mountains and sports prove the different facilities of the city. In other words: six swimming pools, many stadiums and ski resorts.

The sporting life is here!

Throughout the year, easily engage a physical activity in different clubs. Occasionally, initiations and trainings will allow you to familiarize yourself with other activities.

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